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Dr. Jeremy Ayres

jermyJeremy Ayres, DO (Osteopathy) ND (Naturopractics) SBRCP (Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine)Founder & CEO of Naturally Better

Jeremy’s experience spans over twenty-seven years. Jeremy Ayres has been fortunate to count many of the great British therapists as his mentors in the field of Osteopathy, Nature Cure, Nutrition and many other aspects of Natural, Holistic Health. He has helped thousands of people worldwide to regain vibrant health and become pain free with a significant success rate that has seen nearly all his clients either significantly improve or completely heal from their dis-ease or condition – even the so called in-curables.

It has been his long-held vision to bring to the world ancient Natural Healing Centers with the evolved knowledge of today’s technology and advancements. He nearly achieved this in New Zealand under the Humana Project and was to be funded by a local Maori Iwi upon their financial settlements for land claims with the New Zealand Government, but this process, sadly to this day, has still not concluded.

Jeremy Ayres is extremely well-respected internationally and has lectured and written on various subjects on health. He is a celebrated host, panelist and guest on many internet TV and Radio shows and founder of Naturally Better TV, a broadcasting platform at: NaturallyBetter.TV. He brings vision, experience and passion to the project and will be the guiding light as CEO and a key member of the overall management and direction of the project and the “face” for the brand. Ultimately, he will become the International Health Ambassador, spokesperson, and Visionary for Naturally Better and its further expansion.

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