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The Owners' Manual for the Human Body S: 4 EP: 5 – THE 2018 GREAT FLU PANDEMIC


The panic inducing headlines read as follows (you can almost hear the ‘B movie horror film soundtrack playing in the background in your head)

  • The SUN:  Killer flu pandemic ‘could hit any time’ – wiping out 300 MILLION …
  • The NY Post:  Expert warns of potentially catastrophic ‘flu pandemic’ | New York Post
  • The Daily Mail:  Why I believe a killer flu pandemic is just beyond the corner | Daily …
  • The Mirror:  Killer flu outbreak is to blame for a spike in deaths | Daily Mail Online
  • Business Insider:  Everything you need to know about the deadly flu epidemic – Business …
  • Washington Post:    The 1918 flu pandemic vs. the 2018 flu epidemic  
  • USA Today:  The Flu and Why It’s So Serious

See? Queue the Horror soundtrack …  🙄  

The Great 2018 Flu Deception :   This show is an emergency red flag broadcast after recent world wide reports on mainstream media that an impending flu pandemic that could kill 300 million people is imminent. Never before has it been more important to know the true history and causes of the historical “flu” pandemics such as the Spanish Flu so the people of today can witness history trying to repeat itself. This show can literally save lives as we expose what flu is and what it isn’t and how to easily protect yourself from the Great Flu Deception.

Let’s make this show go viral!!

Vitamin C cured one man’s pneumonia in three hours

(as mentioned by Clive de Carle in this episode)

On Natural News


Noteworthy vitamin C cures

Jonathan Landsman, Natural News Talk Hour host, recently interviewed Dr. Andrew Saul, Ph.D, about how he cured his pneumonia in three hours with vitamin C. Dr. Saul wrote the books Fire Your Doctor and Doctor Yourself, and has a website of the same name. [2]

The amount Dr. Saul used on himself was outrageous. But his pneumonia was gone in three hours. Nowadays liposomal vitamin C can do more with less. Pneumonia is the eighth ranked killer disease in the world. Much of the CDC’s bogus annual flu death statistic is from flu complications that lead to pneumonia.

Pneumonia is usually the killer. Landsman’s short interview of Dr. Saul is here –> 


Another fantastic, more highly publicized vitamin C cure took place with Alan Smith of New Zealand a few years ago. He was so bad off with double pneumonia in addition to leukemia that the hospital was about to pull the plug on his life support when the family intervened by insisting on trying mega-dose IV vitamin C.

After Alan had recovered enough to breathe on his own, the hospital reneged on administering IV vitamin C in large therapeutic doses. The family found Lypo-Spheric liposomal C, and after six days of feeding it to himself, Alan walked out of the hospital.

Here’s a 17 minute segment of the New Zealand 60 Minutes TV News program that featured the story. The liposomal C appears around the 15 minute mark…

Further enhancing liposomal C information, Landsman appears again with a short interview of the CEO of Lypo-Spheric. That’s the brand used by Alan Smith to duplicate the clinical effect of 25 to 50 grams of IV vitamin C with only six grams of liposomal C.

This means you won’t have to go to the extremes Dr. Saul did with his case of pneumonia. View the interview here


During the 1940s and “50s, when polio was very common, a small North Carolina MD, Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner, routinely cured pneumonia and polio patients both in his small office and the nearby hospital where he had practitioner privileges. His 1949 Atlantic City AMA conference presentation with documented case histories was ignored.

Dr. Klenner asserted, “When proper amounts are used, it will destroy all virus organisms. Don’t expect control of a virus with 100 to 400 mg of C”. He also added, “Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin.”
Dr. Klenner explained his vitamin C protocols for several diseases and his case papers and notes culled from over 30 years of applying vitamin C therapies are summarized by Lendon H. Smith, M.D. It’s available from source [4] below.

And here’s a super bonus – a free read of biochemist Irwin Stone’s book based on 40 years of vitamin C research The Healing Factor accessed from source [5].



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👲“You’re NOT Sick,

You’re TOX-SICK “

–Dr Jeremy DO, ND, SBRCP

👲“We go to a doctor looking for wellness while the doctor is only looking for illness. there are only three reasons why we lose our health: toxicity, physical damage or nutrient deficiency. There is no fourth reason. your body is not low on pharmaceutical drugs ”

— Clive de Carle,

Internationally Acclaimed Health Expert

👲“Introduction to regaining your own health:

From the time that we opened our eyes in this creation we are told what to do, how to behave, what to learn and what to believe. One thing that we are not taught is how to think. As soon as we think, questions start to appear and we are not supposed to question the “truth”.”

–Darko Velcek, Author/Health Expert


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