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The Owners’ Manual for the Human Body–HEALTH SOLUTIONS: Multiple Sclerosis

Chronic, debilitating diseases are on the rise. One of them frequently mentioned is MS or multiple sclerosis. There is no “cure” because we claim that we do not know if it is genetic, is it auto immune, is it of a viral or a bacterial origin?

What we know is that it is characterized by a damaged isolating coat of nerve cells, inflammation and inability of neurons to communicate. This is one of those disease that used to be extremely rare. Since it does not affect animals in the wilderness it is obvious it has something to do with what we eat and what we do as humans.

As soon as inflammation occurs we have to assume that the cells involved are acidic and that means toxic. The insulating cover around the nerve cells is made of fats delivered by cholesterol. Does tempering with cholesterol contribute to the problem?

Is it the lack of saturated fats or presence of glucose in the diet or does stress have anything to do with this problem?

The fact is that this disease was unknown since the 1800 although some refer to several cases as possible MS. This is clearly disease of modern human and that means polluted human. So is the claim that there is no cure because it is genetic problem correct?

Our panel will elaborate on this topic pointing to possible causes and the way this dis-ease can be dealt with effectively.