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Salt water flush

Cleanse your intestinal tract with salt and water only.

Salt water flush is an all natural and easy option to detox the colon. As part of the lemon juice detox, it is also a valuable natural colon cleansing tool on its own. Getting the contents of the bowel moving is certainly needed for good health.

Is salt water flush safe?

Yes, but…. Normally, the procedure is safe for cleansing the colon. It does not harm the body as long as you do it the right way. But you should only do it, if you are in general in good health.

The colon flush is definitely not recommended for people with chronic diarrhoea or other health issues in the internal tract and with kidney problems. Please check with your physician first.

The Procedure

Preparing for the saltwater flush

To improve detoxification effects it is advisable to prepare the colonic tract for the flush first. Start to take some natural laxatives one or two days before and the night before the saltwater procedure.

Which salt to use?

Pure himalayan, celtic or sea salt is the best option. Plain table salt is fine too as long as it is not iodized. Iodine would destroy the effect of the procedure.

How to do

Fill a jug with one quart (0.964 lt) of warm (not hot) clean spring or filtered water. Do not use tap water if it is chlorinated or fluorinated. Mix two level teaspoons of salt into the water and stir well.

It is important that you drink the saltwater on an empty stomach otherwise it may not work. The best time to do so is in the morning after getting up. Drink the entire quart as quickly as you can or at least in between 10 to 15 minutes. After that, it is best to lie down on the right side of your body. It helps the saltwater to move through your colon.

About 30 minutes to an hour after having taken the water you should experience several bowel movements. So, make sure, that you have a bathroom near by!

Tip to overcome gag reflex:

Some people can easily consume the whole quart, but for others, the water may taste too salty and they do have difficulty getting it down the throat.

If you have problems with that too, try the following trick to get over the gag reflex: Hold your nose closed while you drink the mixture. The water will taste less salty. And, closing your nose and drinking at the same time, confuses your autonomous nervous system and your brain does not exactly know how to respond to it.

How often should you do it?

You can do it as often as you feel the need for it but not more then once a day. Although, it is not advisable to over-use the salt water flush, for a proper clean-out you may do it a few days successively. A good way to maintain the bowel is to carry out salt water flush routinely, say once or twice a month.

Hint: The mixture has to be in the right combination of water/salt to work effectively. If you do not get any bowel movements after taking the salt water, try it again the next day and add a little more salt to the water.

Conclusion: Salt water flush is certainly a convenient thing to do every now and then. It is easy and inexpensive.

The author is not a doctor or licensed professional. The content provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek advice from a qualified health practitioner.

By Fiorella