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Michele Cempaka

 Michele's bio photo 2 (2)Michele Cempaka's Bio:

Michele has lived on Bali since 2002 and became a Reiki Master in 2007. This was the catalyst for a totally new life, as she dedicated herself to facilitating transformation, empowerment and healing for others. Michele’s diverse skills as a Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Retreat Leader, give her the ability to help people with a wide variety of issues spanning from healing phobias and emotional traumas, to clearing entities and balancing the energetic system, to healing physical and mental issues. Her personalized programs focus on empowerment and healing, through a plethora of methods such as clearing limiting beliefs, Energy Psychology combined with Reiki, Shamanic journeys and more. She has had the rare privilege to be initiated by a Balinese priestess as a first level Mangku (priest). With this initiation Michele gained direct access to powerful Balinese Spirit guides who often assist her with her Shamanic healing work. Michele’s mission is to provide individuals simple but potent tools to facilitate greater awareness and transformation in their lives.


“We all have the tools to heal ourselves. I just hold the key that can unlock your memories which have all the information you require to tap into your innate abilities to heal and transform your life.”

Heal Yourself Now! TV

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GSA’s ‘Heal Yourself Now!’ is a platform for healers, therapists, educators and all beings committed to disseminating knowledge and wisdom about cutting edge tools for personal empowerment, healing and creating greater consciousness on Gaia. Our Health & Wellness team is committed to providing exciting and empowering programs around a wide variety of themes which may include: Healing through Frequency, Hypnosis, Energy; Connecting with our Higher Self; Conscious Relationships; Law of Attraction; Shamanism; Plant Medicine; simple tools for transforming your life, and much more. There are infinite alternative possibilities for everyone on our planet to have optimal health and wellbeing. Come join us and discover how you can heal yourself now!


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We All Have the Power to Heal

We All Have the Power to Heal








Links to Michele's online presence: (Michele's monthly column called: ‘Pathways to Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit)