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Janet Hickox

janetJanet Hickox, Founder of the EmpowerYou Radio & TV Networks. Host of Living Astrology and EmpowerYou TV  

Janet Hickox is an Intuitive Astrologer, Human Design specialist, TV, and Radio Show Host of the popular BlogTalk Radio show, Living Astrology. Janet recognized very early in her life that she was interested in both numerology and astrology. She has learned many types of astrology including, Western astrology, Mayan Astrology and Human Design which she calls, “Astrology for A New Paradigm.” According to Janet, “Human Design Astrology holds the most interesting and important pathway to our knowing ourselves of all the Astrologies.”

There are many good please write my essay astrologer’s out there doing readings and helping people discover their life path. What makes Janet Hickox stand apart as an astrologer is the ease with which she can break down a complex subject for everyone to be able to understand. According to Janet, “My philosophy is, I want you to understand and be able to interact with me on the subject of YOU, and that cannot happen if you and I are speaking two different languages. So I bring the subject of astrology to you and explain it in terms that you are familiar with, in a way that many people tell me that no other person has ever been able to explain astrology to them.” Janet feels it is her job to unlock the key ingredients that make you unique, and to help you with the challenges that best homework help sites come up for most us – Relationships, Health, Money and Job/Career concerns. She can show you your unique design and life map which will open doors to freedom and success!

If you would like a Human Design or Astrology reading with Janet, she can be reached by email at or by visiting her website at . Janet is also available for interviews on Astrology or Human Design.

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