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India Irie Sanatana Dharma

India Irie Sanatana Dharma (Merkerson) , Co-Founder, Network Manager, Human Resources/Public Relations for Naturally Better Brand

India is the founder of ExpandingU & ExpandingU TV, home of the Mission I’Mpossible and Owners’ Manual for the Human Body Series and a host of other weekly broadcasts. ExpandingU is a lifestyle brand with the focal heart-set as conscious living, learning, teaching and healing in intentional common unity [or intentional communities].

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ExpandingU–the ecovillage vision–began as an alternative to the paradigm humanity found itself in that left many of the collective in lack and want for the most basic of comforts and needs. On a planet that is able to provide us our every need, a return to living in concert, honour, respect and symbiosis with Gaia is clearly a way BACK to our glorious abundant FUTURES.

ExpandingU TV is the peoples’ platform for sharing, networking and collaborating on projects, news and services that reflect our evolution into a Humanity of Light, rather than blind, indiscriminate consumers of whatever the mainstream offers us as limited options. We ARE the change we wish to see in the world.

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India Irie is also a life coach, chat show host covering a plethora of topics from Health & Wellness, Science & Technology, Sexuality & Relationships, Global & Cosmic Changes, Geopolitics and much more. She is also a Minister of Spirituality, Mother and truth seeker. Conscious living, learning, teaching and healing are the cornerstones of all of her endeavours.  Living as One hand, One heart, One voice and with One love is how we mend this world.

India’s background is in accounting and business management. However, in the last years has expanded into her current passion as an accomplished internet radio and tv broadcaster and producer. This is undoubtedly where her talents shine. Her PR skills are second to none, accepting that Public Relations is based in truth and not spin, unlike modern expectations of minimizing damage and subjugating truth as is the current role of corporate PR. She has a massive global network of experts and talent that she can call upon, and understands the employment criteria of any and all who work with Naturally Better.

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