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Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

  paulDr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Host of Dawn of Ascension

Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science which was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in19980s. Dr. Sarfarazi’s Ph.D. thesis, which was totally devised, completed, and successfully ‘defended’ by him, without any supervision, was the first manuscript marrying the qualitative experimental account of Material Science and the advanced quantitative theoretical mathematical modeling of Continuum Mechanics. A host of materials were thoroughly studied by Dr. Sarfarazi from ceramics, polycrystalline metals, fiber and particulate composites, concrete, etc. from their scientific inceptions to date, and finally Dr. Sarfarazi decided to concentrate his attention on a new and pioneering field he termed ‘micromechanics,’ and wrote his thesis on “A Micromechanical Constitutive Modeling of Brittle Crystalline Solids.” Several articles were extracted from the thesis and were published and archived in the International ‘Journal of Fracture Mechanics.’

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The field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’ Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was, indeed, a genuine theory on the microstructural level that clearly addressed the phenomenon of microcrack nucleation, opening of a continuum or innerspace into detectable space, as a result of pile-up of dislocations as inherent defects in the microstructure of the polycrystalline matter. In this regard, Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was purely abstract, which did not use any ‘fitting’ of unverifiable constants. The only constant derived by Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was a single parameter, which was completely verifiable through experimentation, as a result of its consequent derived relation with respect to certain fundamental parameters defining the geometrical configuration of the crystalline structure such as HCP, BCC, FCC, etc., as well material constants. Therefore, this new constant, which appeared in the equation as a result of mathematical modeling and characterization of the nature of microcrack nucleation in the type of material in question, was appropriately termed as the “Coefficient of Microcrack Nucleation.”

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More Insights from Dr. Paul:

The author soon stopped pursuing a further career in research. Shortly, after engaging in research and teaching at such higher research and educational institutions as University of Maryland, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory, Atlantic Research Corporation, and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology of the Georgia Institute of Technology, he decided to retire from science and education. Interestingly enough, despite his educational and scientific background, the author soon came to the BELIEF that the ‘Universe is all complete and we cannot further add to its consciousness through research. Surprisingly, the author soon came to the intuitive understanding that ‘we contain the knowledge of ALL THERE IS within us.’ Consequently, his initial noble strive of ‘wanting to change the Universe through scientific research’ soon subsided. He soon came to the intuitive realization that ‘we can discover, and we can invent; but we can never create from abstract as ALL THAT CAN BE CREATED FROM ABSTRACT already exists.’

Furthermore, his direct experience with facing the Dark as exemplified by his recognition of ego, jealousy and deceit as manifested by certain ambitious, arrogant, highly egotistical, self-servicing ‘scientists’ clearly disappointed the author from further venturing in science. Although the lesson of avoiding competition and jealousy was already learned and mastered by the author by age 9, the concept of ego and its connotation with respect to reaching impeccability was quite new to him. Hence, the author enticingly and diligently embarked on the quest to comprehend the ramification of ego on man’s integrity, with the incipient understanding that ego-based ambition is not virtuous, it is destructive, and is, indeed, taboo. Therefore, the author intuitively learned that the paramount criterion is to seek complete control over one’s ego and not let ego get out of hand, and not interfere with one’s conscious decision making in life. A second important lesson learned from observing others was to dispense with fear as well as anger in order to be able to maintain calm and institute peace of mind in favor of productivity. In this regard, inter-relation between positive thinking and defeating the Dark was well understood.

Although formally awakened in June of 2011, the author has always been awakened and highly intuitive about certain controversial issues that still linger in the mind of majority of the people such as the divine, nobility, and positive potential of the mankind’s soul; extra-terrestrial origin of man; the truth of aliens and existence of their bases underground, under oceans, and all over the world; role of aliens in constructing the pyramids and ancient structures on Earth; Conscious characteristic of dolphins and wales; etc.

It is time for ALL to wake up from slumber NOW. This is the time of ascension. It is a new Golden Era. It is time for mankind to awaken from amnesia and start to remember. It is time to be, once again, multidimensional and welcome the new consciousness that the accelerating Light and the speeding time is bringing us via raising our vibration frequency in order to be able to resonate with the higher frequency of vibrations of “Heaven.” And, finally, the author hopes that by having compiled and written the information in these posted slides and articles on this website, he can shed more Light on the nature of the upcoming Ascension and the consequent future of Mankind.

It is done in respect and appreciation for the Almighty’s ‘Divine Plan’ for humanity, and in service to God and the mankind.

With Unconditional Love,

Dr. Paul

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