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Darko Velcek

darkoDr. Darko Velcek,  AUTHOR of The Owners’ Manual for the Human Body “A Guide to Natural Health, Healing and Longevity”

Born in 1955 in the Czech Republic, Darko Velcek studied medicine in Zagreb, Croatia. There he received his certification as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. He practiced in Croatia before moving to New York City at the end of the same year.

As an alien and with English as a second language, the U.S. veterinary certification process was untenable. He became involved in his M.D. brother’s scientific work on impotency in men in the early 1980’s. After accidentally discovering a missing link in the cellular osmotic pressure mechanism, Velcek continued his research in the field of cellular medicine.

He followed his personal interests and became a certified interior designer in the late 1980’s and a certified boat master captain in the 1990’s. Today he is married to Venezuelan, Hilnoretna Lunar Robles and resides in Venezuela and in the Caribbean Islands treating animals and people. With the profuse use of the Internet in recent years, he provides advice and counseling remotely to patients around the world.

He concludes: “If you do not understand the way the cell functions, you cannot help the body heal at the cellular level. If you cannot help the cell, you cannot help the body. Cure the cell, and the body will be healed.”


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