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Cary KiraStar Ellis

11125105_10207158915076293_234776036_n CARY KIRASTAR ELLIS, DD,
AUTHOR 21st Century Superhuman, Quantum Lifestyle


21st Century Superhuman Shows on NBTV, hosted by Cary Ellis, author, include interviews with empowered 21st Century Superhuman Guests. Access insider secrets of those pushing the boundaries of an emerging new human culture founded in LOVE, creativity, joy, peace and plenty for all. Discover your heart’s journey. Catch Cary’s shows and learn and grow from this connection!

ABOUT THE BOOK Cary’s Innate Ability to assimilate languages of Light and LOVE into practical everyday tools is like having the gentle hand of a friend on your shoulder, guiding you to greater Awareness of your full potential. Her groundbreaking book, 21st Century Superhuman Quantum Lifestyle, is being called “one of the most important books on the planet” and “guidebook for our times,” inspiring us to personal and cultural transformation in this powerful historical “now.” Find Cary’s books on amazon.

CHECK OUT CARY’S website  for workshops, online classes, travel, retreats, Jedi training and more. “…follow your bliss and you doors will open where there were only walls before…”  Joseph Campbell

Cary is Founder of Virtual Earth Village, (under development), a cyber hub to coordinate, coalesce and stimulate viable solutions. Her expertise at bringing people and solutions together into a well-aligned whole, supports our effective launch into potentially the greatest evolutionary leap in human history. Cary is also involved in global humanitarian projects and is cofounder of Global Leadership for Change.
Global Leadership for Change

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Cary has always been dedicated to implementing solutions for positive cultural change, shifting us gently yet powerfully into a sustainable civilization and viable future. She aligns with other leaders bringing forth a wide variety of front-line projects ranging from new free energy technologies to resolving serious humanitarian issues such as food, water, shelter and education.




Cary has introduced transformation into mainstream culture for decades in the human potentials movement, assisting thousands in breakthrough workshops; Tony Robbins: Firewalking and Fear into Power in the 1980s; miraculous healing of her own broken arm in 6 hours when doctors wanted to do surgery and put 2 pins in; entering transcendental states while swimming with wild dolphins; age reversal and rejuvenation with wheatgrass, living foods and more. Years of experience teaching healthy lifestyle is covered in her books. Find Cary’s books on amazon.

Passion for the outdoors lead Cary to live remotely in the high Rocky Mountains of the North American west, on her personal shamanic journey, with many years of outdoor adventure, snowboarding, mountain biking, river rafting, hiking and horseback riding with her beloved dogs and a large outdoor community. She also assisted with colloquiums on permaculture and Earth-friendly building, and participated in soul retrieval and wilderness initiation. Her lifework has been dedicated to user-friendly knowledge easily applied to awakening to our full potential and harmonious Earth-friendly Living.

Curiosity and a sense of adventure has always inspired Cary to venture into unknown territories for knowledge that is useful, practical and necessary in our Evolutionary Leap toward a wise, ecological future. Her innate vision of Higher Dimensions, offers Light and LOVE on the Path for those seeking Wisdom for Humanity’s current Evolutionary Leap. Honored for her Life-work as a Doctor of Divinity by the Church of Tzaddi, Cary is involved in developing cutting edge “New Earth” Communities, and is often called by her Soul Name, Kirastar. She currently continues to write, travel and teach principles of this emerging ‘New Earth’ Culture, intimately aligned globally with a likeminded “tribe” or team of inspired and amazing people.

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