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jermy1Jeremy Ayres, DO (Osteopathy) ND (Naturopractics) SBRCP (Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine)Founder & CEO of Naturally Better

Jeremy’s experience spans over twenty-seven years. Jeremy Ayres has been fortunate to count many of the great British therapists as his mentors in the field of Osteopathy, Nature Cure, Nutrition and many other aspects of Natural, Holistic Health. He has helped thousands of people worldwide to regain vibrant health and become pain free with a success rate of over Ninety-Five Percent.

It has been his long-held vision to bring to the world ancient Natural Healing Centers with the evolved knowledge of today’s technology and advancements. He nearly achieved this in New Zealand under the Humana Project and was to be funded by a local Maori Iwi upon their financial settlements for land claims with the New Zealand Government, but this process, sadly to this day, has still not concluded.

Jeremy Ayres is extremely well-respected internationally and has lectured and written on various subjects on health. He is a celebrated host, panelist and guest on many internet TV and Radio shows and founder of Naturally Better TV, a broadcasting platform at: NaturallyBetter.TV. He brings vision, experience and passion to the project and will be the guiding light as CEO and a key member of the overall management and direction of the project and the “face” for the brand. Ultimately, he will become the International Health Ambassador, spokesperson, and Visionary for Naturally Better and its further expansion.



india-irieIndia Irie Sanatana Dharma (Merkerson) , Human Resources/Public Relations for Naturally Better Brand

India is the founder of ExpandingU & ExpandingU TV, home of the Mission I’Mpossible and Owners’ Manual for the Human Body Series and a host of other weekly broadcasts. ExpandingU is a lifestyle brand with the focal heart-set as conscious living, learning, teaching and healing in intentional common unity [or intentional communities].

ExpandingU–the ecovillage vision–began as an alternative to the paradigm humanity found itself in that left many of the collective in lack and want for the most basic of comforts and needs. On a planet that is able to provide us our every need, a return to living in concert, honour, respect and symbiosis with Gaia is clearly a way BACK to our glorious abundant FUTURES.

ExpandingU TV is the peoples’ platform for sharing, networking and collaborating on projects, news and services that reflect our evolution into a Humanity of Light, rather than blind, indiscriminate consumers of whatever the mainstream offers us as limited options. We ARE the change we wish to see in the world.

India Irie is also a life coach, chat show host covering a plethora of topics from Health & Wellness, Science & Technology, Sexuality & Relationships, Global & Cosmic Changes, Geopolitics and much more. She is also a Minister of Spirituality, Mother and truth seeker. Conscious living, learning, teaching and healing are the cornerstones of all of her endeavours. Living as One hand, One heart, One voice and with One love is how we mend this world.

India’s background is in accounting and business management. However, in the last years has expanded into her current passion as an accomplished internet radio and tv broadcaster and producer. This is undoubtedly where her talents shine. Her PR skills are second to none, accepting that Public Relations is based in truth and not spin, unlike modern expectations of minimizing damage and subjugating truth as is the current role of corporate PR. She has a massive global network of experts and talent that she can call upon, and understands the employment criteria of any and all who work with Naturally Better.


AUTHOR 21st Century Superhuman, Quantum Lifestyle

Cary’s Innate Ability to assimilate languages of Light and LOVE into practical everyday tools is like having the gentle hand of a friend on your shoulder, guiding you to greater Awareness of your full potential. Her groundbreaking book, 21st Century Superhuman, is being called “one of the most important books on the planet, and guidebook for our times,” inspiring us to personal and cultural transformation in this powerful historical “now.”

Cary’s life is dedicated to implementing solutions for positive cultural change, that are shifting us gently yet powerfully into a sustainable civilization and viable future. Her expertise at coalescing people and solutions into a cohesive well-aligned whole supports our effective entry into potentially the greatest evolutionary leap in human history.
Author of 21st Century Superhuman – Quantum Lifestyle, Cary’s vision of Higher Dimensions offers Light on the Path, aligning with millions Now on the Planet holding LOVE for this Shift of the Ages, ushering in Knowledge from Realms of Light to amplify this Evolutionary Wave on Planet Earth.


darkoDr. Darko Velcek, AUTHOR of The Owners’ Manual for the Human Body “A Guide to Natural Health, Healing and Longevity”

Born in 1955 in the Czech Republic, Darko Velcek studied medicine in Zagreb, Croatia. There he received his certification as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. He practiced in Croatia before moving to New York City at the end of the same year.

As an alien and with English as a second language, the U.S. veterinary certification process was untenable. He became involved in his M.D. brother’s scientific work on impotency in men in the early 1980’s. After accidentally discovering a missing link in the cellular osmotic pressure mechanism, Velcek continued his research in the field of cellular medicine.

He followed his personal interests and became a certified interior designer in the late 1980’s and a certified boat master captain in the 1990’s. Today he is married to Venezuelan, Hilnoretna Lunar Robles and resides in Venezuela and in the Caribbean Islands treating animals and people. With the profuse use of the Internet in recent years, he provides advice and counseling remotely to patients around the world.

He concludes: “If you do not understand the way the cell functions, you cannot help the body heal at the cellular level. If you cannot help the cell, you cannot help the body. Cure the cell, and the body will be healed.”





michael_lowDr Michael Ryce, Founder and Director of Heartland, Author

Dr. Michael Ryce is the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. He is a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy. The focus of his studies has combined bodymind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness.

His unique syntheses of information and tools is acclaimed, “a powerful blend of spiritual principles and intellectual clarity, guided by the heart!” His workshops explain, with profound simplicity, how the mind/body/emotion interaction affects health, every event in life, and impacts our relationships. In each self-contained workshop, effective tools are presented to assist in creating high-level wellness and eliminating upset, lack and conflict. His book, Why Is This Happening To Me . . . Again?!, is an international best seller.

In 2001 dr. ryce was appointed director of the Khabouris Manuscript foundation and is currently editing translation work from the Manuscript and writing a new book based on the Khabouris, “The End Of Suffering, Resurrecting The Original Aramaic Y’Shua”.

The Khabouris (also spelled Khaburis) Codex is a copy of the oldest known Eastern Canon of the New Testament in its native, and the original language of the Scriptures, Aramaic. The physical manuscript has been carbon-dated at approximately 1000 AD plus or minus 50 years. The colophon bears the seal and signature of the Bishop at the Church at Nineveh, then capital of the Assyrian Empire located today in the present-day Iraqi city of Mosul. According to colophon it is a copy of a text from approximately 164 AD.

Dr. Ryce’s background includes electronics, business, and theology. He has a reputation among his peers as a teachers’ teacher and a healers’ healer. A dynamic speaker, he is much sought after for his skill in teaching the practical application of “self-help” tools. His work has been exposed, through private workshops and seminars and television and radio work, to approximately 500,000 people in the last thirty five years. michael has made a commitment to make the tools he has developed available to every mind on the planet and, as a result, his travel workshops are free so everyone, regardless of the ability to pay, will have access to the tools presented. Anyone with health, financial, career, or relationship problems can begin to turn their situations around immediately when they use the tools Dr. Ryce offers.




Janet Hickox is an Intuitive Astrologer, Human Design specialist, TV, and Radio Show Host of the popular BlogTalk Radio show, Living Astrology. Janet recognized very early in her life that she was interested in both numerology and astrology. She has learned many types of astrology including, Western astrology, Mayan Astrology and Human Design which she calls, “Astrology for A New Paradigm.” According to Janet, “Human Design Astrology holds the most interesting and important pathway to our knowing ourselves of all the Astrologies.”

There are many good astrologer’s out there doing readings and helping people discover their life path. What makes Janet Hickox stand apart as an astrologer is the ease with which she can break down a complex subject for everyone to be able to understand. According to Janet, “My philosophy is, I want you to understand and be able to interact with me on the subject of YOU, and that cannot happen if you and I are speaking two different languages. So I bring the subject of astrology to you and explain it in terms that you are familiar with, in a way that many people tell me that no other person has ever been able to explain astrology to them.” Janet feels it is her job to unlock the key ingredients that make you unique, and to help you with the challenges that come up for most us – Relationships, Health, Money and Job/Career concerns. She can show you your unique design and life map which will open doors to freedom and success!


RogerRoger Wetzel, Enterpreneur, Teacher, Speaker Coach and Facilitator, Empower You TV.

Roger Wetzel is an accomplished entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, coach and facilitator, focusing on “human software” and transformational change. Roger is the founder and creator of Second Level Academy which offers the Emergent Spiral Technologies teaching programs based on the understanding of Spiral Dynamics integral and other 21st century human technologies. Roger is also the founder of Second Level Consulting which focuses on bring adaptive change to organizations of all sizes using proprietary assessments and other proven tools to bring new world solutions to old world problems and is the CO-host of Empower You TV. Roger has a Master’s Degree form John F. Kennedy University in Transpersonal Psychology.”




clive-bwClive de Carle, Founder of The Health Revolution

Clive de Carle is one of the world’s foremost experts in optimum health and mental performance. For over 20 years he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of mental and physical high performance optimisation, providing cutting edge dietary consultancy and enabling thousands of clients to reverse the signs of illness and regain optimum health.Clive has travelled the world studying the diets and lifestyles of the world’s longest lived peoples and investigating the very best sources of nutrient rich foods and supplements. Through this Clive has developed a range of high-grade health products during his tenure as co-founder and member of Ancient Purity.Throughout the 80s and 90s Clive proved himself as a successful business entrepreneur. In 1986 he established England’s largest and most successful manufacturer of contact lenses, which was sold in 1996 to Johnson & Johnson.

In 1991 he also moved into the high-performance car industry, becoming the first najor importer of cutting-edge Japanese technology to the UK motor industry to the UK, that were not normally available outside of Japan, unvailing a series of high performance cars at the Earl’s Court motor show in 1991 and featured on Top Gear revealing technological breakthroughs in the motor industry.Clive then invested into a 40 acre, fully off grid organic farm in Spain, pioneering sustainable farming methods which enabled him to achieve double the profitability of the land using fully sustainable ancient and modern techniques and technologies while deepening his understanding of the relationship between food production, nutritional content and optimum health.
However, Clive’s passion for achieving peak health through natural means was triggered initially by a major health crisis in 1986. A healthy man of 32,Clive was prescribed a couse of anti-biotics by his doctor for a skin condition, which left him hospitalised with Type 1 diabetes and advanced rhumatoid arthritis with no hope of a cure.Following this, Clive discovered new revolutionary voice-activated mindmapping software and set up a buisiness providing cutting-edge lie detection services to the banking and insurance industries. His services were so successful in detecting fraud that he found himself heavily courted by the security services. of several countries.With the doctors unable to help, Clive to seek out the advice of nutritional health guru Patrick Holford, author of over 20 books on health and founder of The institute of optimal nutrition…. who explained to him that he was suffering from a nutritional deficiency, not a shortage of drugs and surgery as the doctors had suggested. By following Holford’s nutritional advice, within one year Clive found he had completely reversed the arthritis.

Clive took a second hit to his health in 2003 when a traumatic divorce left him at an all-time low, suffering from depression, mental exhaustion, emotional trauma, loosing focus, vision and drive. However, once again, Clive decided to take his health into his own hands and with the help of self-hypnosis and intelligent mind management he was able to reestablish his focus and his emotional health.Since then, Clive decided to focus on health as he realised that without your health you have nothing.Through Clive’s work, thousands of people who conventional medicine were told were incurable have now recovered their health using natural means, including those suffering from advanced terminal diseases.

In Clive’s own words, ‘In essence, I study wellness while doctors study illness, drugs, radiation and surgery. Doctors do not study health and usually only spend half a day on the vital subject of nutrition. The benefits from vibrant good health are well-known to us all but few realize what the basic rules are and just how simple they are to follow’.

carmCarmelle Migliore, Timing Translator & The Empress of Time; Host of The Time Vibe

“Numerologist and Esoteric Translator Carmelle Migliore, Joyfully brings forward her natural intuitive gifts and a lifetime of personal observations and studies in Mysticism, Spirituality, and Holistic Healing, in the descriptions and translations of the Numbers and cycles (in Time). Carmelle presents Time and it’s gifts, as an easy tool for grasping and returning to Absolute NOW Presence, which is required for personal and collective intentional manifestations in the New Time reality experience platform.

As an experiential student of this simple language of the Numbers in Time, Carmelle offers a supportive and compassionate ear and simplified descriptors and perspectives of our cyclic Time opportunities, and insight on how to recognize and access the potentials within them. She is ever encouraging of our personal and collective processes (in Time), as we grow OUT of Time toward more intentional personal Now focus and Creativity on an Eternally expansive journey, as Multi-dimensional Creator Beings playing in a holographic reality.

valValerie Warwick, Co-Founder & Primary Consultant Of My Wellness Tutor

After 17 years as an oncology nurse, Valerie Warwick took a huge risk and walked away from a lucrative income because she could not be a part of the conventional cancer industry anymore. In our interview, Valerie shares insider information about the industry as well as vital resources and therapies that every cancer patient should consider.






paulDr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Host of Dawn of Ascension

Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science which was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in19980s. Dr. Sarfarazi’s Ph.D. thesis, which was totally devised, completed, and successfully ‘defended’ by him, without any supervision, was the first manuscript marrying the qualitative experimental account of Material Science and the advanced quantitative theoretical mathematical modeling of Continuum Mechanics. A host of materials were thoroughly studied by Dr. Sarfarazi from ceramics, polycrystalline metals, fiber and particulate composites, concrete, etc. from their scientific inceptions to date, and finally Dr. Sarfarazi decided to concentrate his attention on a new and pioneering field he termed ‘micromechanics,’ and wrote his thesis on “A Micromechanical Constitutive Modeling of Brittle Crystalline Solids.” Several articles were extracted from the thesis and were published and archived in the International ‘Journal of Fracture Mechanics.’


The field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’ Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was, indeed, a genuine theory on the microstructural level that clearly addressed the phenomenon of microcrack nucleation, opening of a continuum or innerspace into detectable space, as a result of pile-up of dislocations as inherent defects in the microstructure of the polycrystalline matter. In this regard, Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was purely abstract, which did not use any ‘fitting’ of unverifiable constants. The only constant derived by Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was a single parameter, which was completely verifiable through experimentation, as a result of its consequent derived relation with respect to certain fundamental parameters defining the geometrical configuration of the crystalline structure such as HCP, BCC, FCC, etc., as well material constants. Therefore, this new constant, which appeared in the equation as a result of mathematical modeling and characterization of the nature of microcrack nucleation in the type of material in question, was appropriately termed as the “Coefficient of Microcrack Nucleation.”


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