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Plasma Infinity Q Power, Healing, Intelligence Device – Whitney Fisher – 21st Century Superhuman

InfinityQ-build.001Join us on this “HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN INFINITY IQ UNIT” with host author Cary Kirastar Ellis and Whitney Fisher, founder of Many Hands for Peace.  Whitney is a technically talented member of the “Goddesses of GANS” group, who leads us step by step in building this amazing futuristic device, that literally anyone can do following her instructions.
The Infiniti Q device is an all-encompassing plasma device, that will support in home healing, well being, protection and further growth of intelligence and inner peace.
This amazing plasma device, emanates a complete Flower of Life energetic field, which interacts with our energy field, bringing us into greater Harmony and Balance. It also functions as an additional power source. You can build your own your own Infinity Q device from start to finish with less than $20 of supplies.
InfinityUnitThe Infiniti Q device was designed and created by Mike Nashif (it is NOT a design of the Keshe Foundation), resulting from Mike’s work with Keshe technology. Mike has released to the world through the infinity 888 project. Through accessing universal information, Mike Nashif teaches the structure of light and how to access quantum particles as they interact with our world. 
Whitney Fisher, Mike Nashif and Cary Ellis have all been students of the work of Mehran Keshe, gifted Iranian plasma physicist and nuclear scientist who is dedicated to bringing free energy to the world. Books InfinityAddPublished from 2009-2011: The Universal Order of Creation of Matter, The Structure of the Light, The Origin of the Universe. Mr. Keshe has patented his discoveries to humanity and teaches them open source. Many thousands around the world have now are making their own free energy devices and explore new frontiers with the fast advancing plasma technology in a group share experience. More can be learned about Mr. Keshe’s work at

Whitney’s comments after building the Infinity Q units and having them around her, “With IQ units running, the energy is out of this world. I can feel the energy emanate from them before I wire any wires to the wall, stronger than any of the devices I’ve made in the past. I can tell changes in myself since first plugging them in. I like these better for people who want to actively move forward, when power device is not the primary concern. Someone could sit right now between 2 IQs without them being hooked up and have an experience of well being.”

Click to find Current support materials to help you build your IQ, with a shopping list, helpful hints and “how to” manual, (in draft), with enough information to help you build your own unit in conjunction with this detailed video.
 ManyHandsPeaceFor those who would like to support Whitney in this work, sending her needed items is very helpful.  Here is Whitney’s Amazon List if you would like to support her work in this way: Whitney A Fisher: Many Hands 4 Peace – Montana & Universal Wishlist for Whitney A Fisher.

Many have asked if Whitney is offering to build IQ units, which she is on a limited basis, as they are time consuming and take about 20 hrs to build. It is her intention to share the knowledge primarily, by leading workshops in towns that ask to host her, as steps of the workshops span over a week. 

Participate in Whitney’s Many Hands 4 Peace  If you would like contribute your creativity or have any questions, please contact Whitney directly at   You can support her workshops through contribution of items needed and donations through paypal at

WHITNEY INVITES YOU to take a photo of your hands making a plasma device, with “Many Hands 4 Peace” at the top, your sincere heartfelt wish for Earth and Humanity in the middle and a clear sentence describing the technology in the picture indicating how it is used.  Share this on the Many Hands 4 Peace FB and with your friends, when you see a picture from someone else, share that with your friends.  Help these Good Will Wishes to spread.

Many Hands 4 Peace is not a commercial endeavor.  It is not a business and it is not a charity, it is simply a way for us to support one another, human to human in the spirit of Appreciation and Good Will, in our shared living space called Earth, and intending the best outcome for ourselves.  We are Many Hands choosing at each moment, to Do something that will take our Earth somewhere that feels a whole lot better for everyone.

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