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BEYOND THE MATRIX with SALINI – Creating Peace in Palestine and Israel with Rabbi Michael Lerner

BEYOND THE MATRIX with Salini, Salini’s new show designed to help liberate humanity from enslavement within the matrix!! Salini will be teaching from her ancient Divine Feminine wisdom and her globally acclaimed book – EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX – Healing Human Trauma and Ending Global Enslavement.

Her guest is Rabbi Michael Lerner, author and publisher of Tikkun magazine. Rabbi Lerner has dedicated his life to activism and bringing peace and healing into the Palestine/Israel crisis. His website is Rabbi Lerner has also created an activist site for training people in heart-centered activism. That website is Rabbi Lerner officiated at Muhammed Ali’s funeral and is in demand globally for peace centered activities with people of all faiths.

Salini is available for private sessions for healing, spiritual awakening, teaching Reiki, counseling, shamanic healing, soul retrieval and regression, trauma recovery, addiction recovery and disease recovery. She also has a program for deprogramming mind control victims. Salini created a uniquely successful healing program for addicts and alcoholics, The Reiki Recovery Project.

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