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Beyond the Matrix Premiere Show! – Salini & Laura Eisenhower on the Sacred Feminine and the Healing of Mother Earth

Welcome to the premiere show of BEYOND THE MATRIX with SALINI, where you will be guided beyond the matrix of illusion and lies and into truth and spiritual awakening. Salini Teri Apodaca is an author, spiritual teacher, ReikiMaster, shaman, Divine Mother, visionary and counselor. Salini has embraced her Divine Blueprint and is healing, teaching and awakening all those who cross her path. Her work includes Reiki healing & training, Sacred Feminine teachings, illness intervention, trauma recovery, addiction recovery, soul regression & retrieval, soul mapping & divine blueprint awakening She is available for individual sessions, workshops, speaking engagements and interventions. To reach Salini go to her website, or you can email her at Salini is available for long distance healings and sessions via Skype @ Salini Teri Apodaca with the Skype ID of teri.apodaca. Or you can find her on Facebook at Salini Teri Apodaca.

Today’s guest is world-renowned speaker – Laura Eisenhower – Global Alchemist, Cosmic Disclosure expert and a Sacred Feminine voice for Mother Gaia. Laura has been traveling the world speaking on the emerging Divine Feminine paradigm and revealing the truth about space programs such as the Mars Project and alien intervention on Earth. Salini and Laura discuss the emerging Sacred Feminine and Laura interviews Salini on her journey to Goddesshood!