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Announcing a new collaboration of alternative media networks:  Naturally Better TV (NBTV). This is a groundbreaking partnership with at least 11 different alternative media groups and projects designed to create a hub of learning and awareness across a wide array of alternative subjects in a warm and inviting community environment.

The main focus of NBTV is to provide viewers with the kind of programming they want to see, in a spirit of support and community, love and connection.  “The people love us and they love our shows,” says Dr.Jeremy one of the founders of NBTV,  “We have all been growing our audiences and many have become our online friends. If we can show that a group of individuals with differing opinions can come together and work towards a common goal then our viewers will become inspired to do great works of their own. They want to see us come together and succeed as a group. We can achieve so much more together than we can on our own.”

NBTV’s programming covers some of the most important and controversial topics that face society today, such as GMO’s, vaccines, the cancer industry, and the energy industry. These industries have huge funding and resources at their disposal to implement their propaganda, and many people need a place where they can find educational material that is free from such corporate agendas.  With such opposition, the alternative community needs to unite in strength in order to stand a chance at breaking through.

The goal of NBTV is to join help with geometry forces amongst the ranks of quality alternative media educators to give people a well-organized, high quality set of informational programs and tools. With this information presented in a user friendly format, viewers will have what they need to educate themselves so that they can make informed decisions in their lives. “We have something for everybody,” says Indie Irie, co-founder of NBTV, “As an already established network of colleagues, we have a cohesion that is beyond words. We are like a tribe, with a “tribe vibe” at all times. Though we may be in different vehicles, everyone is going in the same direction which is to help people expand their consciousness and work on solutions.

Many of us on NBTV have worked together successfully for over a year, this new collaboration is going to be formalized on paper so that we can pass this on to our children, and to show others how to create a working structure of co-operation.  This is the reason we have gotten as far as we have.” “I feel like I have a little family behind me,” explains Cary Kiristar Ellis, co-founder of Global Leadership For Change and NBTV Network Affiliate,  “When you’re  the one on the front lines, your doing everything and you try to wear the hat of a marketer, a teacher, a developer, etc. Eventually you can feel like a deer in the headlights.  We are so much better together than we are alone, we can solve problems, we can help each other with our expertise. I am in tears because I’m so grateful.” The core of NBTV programming consists of the work of alternative health and wellness experts and is well balanced out with channels for science and technology, spirituality, geopolitics, law and financial, sexuality and relationships, sustainable eco-living, and an entire learning channel for children .

The platform has been undergoing testing to make it as user friendly as possible. Content consists of interviews, a variety of show episodes, project presentations, short films, full length documentaries, movies, and promotional clips. All content has been organized into a format that is easy to find and easy to use.  You can watch an entire genre of different films and shows in a playlist format, or you can find all shows and films listed under a specific presenter or affiliate network.   Currently under discussion are two levels of viewership, one is a paid monthly membership of approximately $5 a month (or $50 for the year) that will gain viewers access to a variety of in demand instructional materials as they are created. Another level will be free viewing for most of the other shows broadcasts and archives. “NBTV was always part of the business plan for the Naturally Better Project” explains DR. Jeremy “however, there became a real need to speed up the launch of this area of the business sooner rather than later. The main purpose of NBTV is to make all of our lives better, not to take away from but to add to each other’s individual websites and work. My goal is to help you, and if your goal is to help me, then together we can succeed.”

Internal planning meetings for NBTV consist of the implementation of a mix of successfully proven “Laptop Entrepreneur” business and marketing approaches introduced to the group by Hope Moore of the Fix the World Organization. Online marketing, digital product sales, affiliate partnerships, joint ventures, mailing list growth and cross pollination are all being established to create a solid and sustainable infrastructure that supports each other’s work and offers more value to viewers in the alternative community. Presenters and Affiliate Partners of NBTV bring to it an extensive background of experience in online marketing and thousands of hours of quality content.  In addition to this, NBTV is consulting with a founding member of another Network that was so successful it was bought out by Gaiam TV. It is mentors like this that will really be in the periphery of what NBTV is doing.

“As people who are trying to change the planet we need to understand what we are up against.” Explains Hope Moore, “These forces have schedules and budgets for corrupt agendas that they inflict on the people of our world. In order to stand a chance, those of us who are working to create positive change have to be united, organized, and financially responsible.  I’m glad to be a part of a group of experienced change agents that aren’t resistant to openly discussing affiliate relationships, marketing and fundraising. We have all been through a lot in the last couple of years, and I feel like I’ve come home to family. I am looking forward to learning from others and contributing my skills and abilities to help my brothers and sisters in this endeavor.  I am so incredibly happy to be a part of this.” “All of us have been through extremely stressful times,” Dr. Jeremy explains, “and during these times we continued to do this work even though in the background we may have been worrying about how we were going to personally survive.

There is something in each one of us that drives us, we feel like we have to do this work for a greater cause to help people.  So if this is our choice, then we as presenters need to form together and support each other, and this includes all the financial aspects as well, so that we can all grow and be nurturing and sustainable for our viewers and our fellow colleagues.” “The viewers are what keep us going. We get testimonials, and letters sent in that have us in tears sometimes.  When they tell us how they feel about the work it truly does make all the difference.”  Says Dr. Jeremy. When referring to the NBTV team, he explains “I know these people and the integrity and quality of their work,  they have proven their stripes and I am confident that we have an amazing team and a strong platform for NBTV’s success.”